New Year’s Resolutions for Graduate Students

new year's resolutions graduate studentsThe most popular New Year’s resolutions aren’t always practical for graduate students. Often we need to set the bar a little lower to accommodate our unusual lifestyles. Plus, many of the most common resolutions just can’t be top priority until we get a life we’ve moved on with our lives.  For the moment, we’ve got different fish to fry.

So here’s a top ten list of common New Year’s resolutions, adapted to be more relevant to those of us doing this thing called grad school.

10.  Start eating healthy.
Don’t eat the same thing for more than 5 meals a week.

9.  Get organized.
Combine paper stacks into one big pile and find your desk again.

8.  Enjoy life more.
Go outside while it’s daylight at least three times per week.

7.  Learn something new.
Not from a technical journal. Something normal people like to think about.

6.  Quit drinking alcohol.
Limit coffee to one pot a day.

5.  Spend more time with family.

4.  Help people.
Wash shared glassware more promptly.

3.  Get out of debt.
(Postpone this to when you have a real job.)

2.  Quit smoking.
Publish something.

1.  Lose weight.

Happy New Year!!

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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions for Graduate Students

  1. free-radical says:

    love the fourth one

  2. Gwendolyn Lancaster says:

    Spending time with my family sounds really good, especially my veeerrrrry supportive husband and partner. I miss the long walks in the evening talking about life and love.