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Low Hanging Fruit

This past week, I met with a visiting professor who commented that chemistry research is harder and more complex than it used to be. Most of the “low-hanging fruit” has already been picked, and the major problems facing chemistry today … Continue reading

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Women. Science. 1880.

Whew!  A gem of an article was published in Science magazine… in October 1880 that is. I stand by my previous assertion – reading some of the least current scientific papers available provides an entertaining and enlightening break from the … Continue reading

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This Day in 1946

In honor of a birthday today, I looked up some issues of scientific journals from this day in 1946.  I noticed that publications in that year illustrate the theme that a silver lining can sometimes be found even in tragic … Continue reading

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Hot Science from the 1880s

Here’s a fun tip.  If you get bored reading , try doing the exact opposite.  What was seen as cutting-edge research in the earliest issues of the Journal of the American Chemical Society makes for quite a different read than … Continue reading

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