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Blood Vessel Growth Inhibitors Mediate Negative Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Doctors and researchers have observed an improvement in the survival rate of cancer patients when they are given a combination of a chemotherapeutic drug (cancer-killing drug) and an antiangiogenic drug (a drug that inhibits the growth of new blood vessels). … Continue reading

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A Scientific Limit to (Male) Sexiness

For most animal species, males must compete with one another to win the attention of a female. This competition can involve active sparring – for example, bighorn sheep will sometimes clash heads over a lady sheep. For other animals, such … Continue reading

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Organic Chemistry Lessons, Courtesy of Hippo et al.

Animal secretions (gross) often contain molecules that perform clever functions.  Here are a few examples, accompanied by morsels of chemistry facts.

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An Amoeba Is More Fiscally Responsible than Most Americans

A new study reveals that even – those squishy little single-celled organisms – know how to save up for a rainy day. Scientists at Rice University have discovered that some members of a like to save up food for when … Continue reading

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Sleepy Bees Waggle Sloppy

For humans, sleep deprivation has a negative impact on performance in many areas, such as motor and communication skills.

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Mini-Drama of a Fungus: Cooperation and Sacrifice

Certain types of mushroom-looking fungi reproduce by shooting thousands of spores out into the air all at once.  If they are lucky, the spores find an air current to ride far away to a new habitat, to start lives of … Continue reading

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