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New Year’s Resolutions for Graduate Students

The most popular New Year’s resolutions aren’t always practical for graduate students. Often we need to set the bar a little lower

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Class Action Lawsuit Against Brazilian Blowout

I’m still on Christmas break, with minimal internet availability, but here’s a tidbit of news about Brazilian Blowout.  Courthouse News Service reports today that a class action lawsuit was filed against Brazilian Blowout

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Christmas Chemistry!

Here’s a random assortment of holiday cheer, with just a hint a big dollop of chemistry nerdiness.

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Trespassing Viruses Will Be Killed on Contact

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to start thinking about the flu!

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Awkward Conversation

Q: What’s the opposite of a pick up line?

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Updates on the Brazilian Blowout Front

(To catch up, see this, this, this, and this earlier post.) Update 1. Yesterday, it was announced that the company behind Brazilian Blowout (GIB) is suing Oregon OSHA

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Sleepy Bees Waggle Sloppy

For humans, sleep deprivation has a negative impact on performance in many areas, such as motor and communication skills.

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Highest Impact Factor… Wikipedia?

In college, I remember being told to never cite Wikipedia as a reference when writing up an essay or report.  Literally anyone (and their mom) can contribute to Wikipedia, so believing its content is an exercise of faith in collective … Continue reading

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Update: ACC’s Position on Formaldehyde

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has issued a statement about the formaldehyde/methylene glycol “controversy”.  You can read a summary of the statement here, and the full statement here.  Here’s a couple of key quotes:

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I Can Has Science Hair Straightener?

My apologies, I really do not want to turn this into a Brazilian Blowout Blog.  However, I am super swamped this week and am writing on borrowed time, and Brazilian Blowout keeps falling into my lap.  The last week and … Continue reading

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Really, We’re Doing This Again?

More drama on the Brazilian Blowout front.  (For a recap from last time, see here.)  For whatever reason, a BB spokesperson emailed me again this weekend with another press release,

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Alien Life and the Periodic Table

A “new” life form was documented in a Science article released yesterday.  OK, so it’s not exactly alien life: it was found in California (Earth) and, technically, its unusual characteristics are kind of due to human interference.  Regardless, these little … Continue reading

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Brazilian Blowout and Formaldehyde

Having no reason to do my hair since I’m in lab all day Having naturally straight hair, I don’t usually pay attention to trendy methods of hair-straightening.  Until yesterday, that is, when a colleague pointed out a Fashionista article to … Continue reading

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