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This Just In: Grow a Bigger Brain Without Getting Off the Couch!

A couple of months ago, published an article demonstrating that aerobic exercise can increase the size of your hippocampus. Well, for those of you interested in growing your gray matter without breaking a sweat, this latest (unrelated) study is for … Continue reading

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Seriously Dude… Where’s My Car?

Sometimes it seems like all the junk accumulated in our memories makes it harder to remember new things. For example, if you drive in to work every morning and have to hunt for parking, it may be difficult at the … Continue reading

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Grow That Big Brain You’ve Always Dreamed Of, With Just 3x Per Week

Whether you’re young or post-young, there’s no time like the present to get into an exercise routine. Besides helping with weight loss and improving cardiovascular fitness, more and more evidence suggests that aerobic exercise can delay – and even reverse … Continue reading

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If Earth’s Spin Speeds Up We’ll All Get Fat and Uninhibited

Almost all plants and animals have an internal “clock” – called a circadian clock – that synchronizes our biological rhythms with Earth’s cycle of day and night. Conveniently, our biological clocks are best at synchronizing to a 24 hour day, … Continue reading

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Finding an Alzheimer’s Drug From Scratch

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes get a bad rap, but most people don’t realize just how labor/money-intensive the process of drug discovery is.  A recent paper offers a little glimpse at the process

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Sleepy Bees Waggle Sloppy

For humans, sleep deprivation has a negative impact on performance in many areas, such as motor and communication skills.

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The Future of Science?

Yesterday afternoon, the front headline of the New York Times online featured an article about science!  Ten well-established scientists from a variety of fields were asked what they think 2011 will bring in terms of scientific advances.  

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You Don’t Need Your Hippocampus to See the Future

Well, not see the future, but imagine it.  Brain physiologists in the past have proposed that the hippocampus is part of the network of brain regions responsible for the ability to remember the past and imagine the future.  

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