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Study Suggests New HIV Therapy

Human bodies are naturally equipped with elaborate defense mechanisms to squelch intruding microorganisms. But some viruses, like HIV, are able to slip under the immune system radar and set up permanent residence in a human host. Exactly how this feat … Continue reading

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Trespassing Viruses Will Be Killed on Contact

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to start thinking about the flu!

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The Machinery of Retroviruses Part 3: Caught in the Act

Retroviruses such as HIV work by integrating their genetic code into the DNA of a (see part 1).

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The Machinery of Retroviruses Part 2: Using X-Rays to Solve Scientific Problems

(Part 1 here) X-ray crystallography is used by the authors of a recent Nature paper to visualize the structure of certain key molecules relevant to retroviruses.  Though we usually think of X-rays as just a way of looking at our … Continue reading

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The Machinery of Retroviruses Part 1: What is a Retrovirus?

Retroviruses such as HIV are in some ways still a black box to scientists.  The specific details of their mechanism of action are slowly being elucidated, but much is yet unclear. However, an article was published in Nature this past … Continue reading

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