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Blinged-Out Fat Blob Nanotrucks for Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted drug delivery is a popular area of research that melds together the disciplines of chemistry, medicine, and materials. The basic idea is to develop ways to give a person a and somehow get that medicine to go to exactly … Continue reading

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The Machinery of Retroviruses Part 2: Using X-Rays to Solve Scientific Problems

(Part 1 here) X-ray crystallography is used by the authors of a recent Nature paper to visualize the structure of certain key molecules relevant to retroviruses.  Though we usually think of X-rays as just a way of looking at our … Continue reading

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Pass Me the Insulin, I’m Glowing Again

New technology could allow for continuous blood glucose monitoring by checking if a patch of your skin is glowing or not.  A paper published in this week describes a development that sounds like a crazy idea… so crazy that it … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Coming True

Science fiction fans have long been enamored with the idea of microscopic submarines that could navigate the human body. A recent publication in JACS demonstrates that this futuristic idea is not really so far off. Continue reading

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Tiny Towers

Scientists have discovered a new way to build nanoscale towers.  Each tower is only a few wide and a couple thousand nanometers tall.  For scientists who work with nanomaterials, it is relatively easy to build tiny tunnels (horizontal structures), but … Continue reading

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