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A Scientific Limit to (Male) Sexiness

For most animal species, males must compete with one another to win the attention of a female. This competition can involve active sparring – for example, bighorn sheep will sometimes clash heads over a lady sheep. For other animals, such … Continue reading

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The Machinery of Retroviruses Part 3: Caught in the Act

Retroviruses such as HIV work by integrating their genetic code into the DNA of a (see part 1).

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Dad’s Bad Eating Habits Can Cause Metabolism Problems in Children

A recent study published in Nature reveals that a person’s risk of developing diabetes could be strongly influenced by their father’s bad eating habits back before he became a dad.

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You Say Potato, I Say Protato

There’s been a buzz this past week about a genetically modified salmon that the FDA is considering approving for human consumption.  Meanwhile, as we await the FDA’s decision, an article has just been published in the primary literature about a … Continue reading

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