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Periodic Table of the Stock Market

While researching investment choices for my new I’m-trying-to-be-a-responsible-adult Roth IRA, I eventually grew impatient with analyst predictions and just started searching for interesting ticker symbols.

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Study Suggests New HIV Therapy

Human bodies are naturally equipped with elaborate defense mechanisms to squelch intruding microorganisms. But some viruses, like HIV, are able to slip under the immune system radar and set up permanent residence in a human host. Exactly how this feat … Continue reading

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Salting the Roads – More Complicated Than It Sounds

I grew up in a HOT climate (below), where we didn’t have to deal with the kind of weather that we have right now in most of the country. Back home, occasional road signs near overpasses nonchalantly suggest that “Ice … Continue reading

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An Amoeba Is More Fiscally Responsible than Most Americans

A new study reveals that even – those squishy little single-celled organisms – know how to save up for a rainy day. Scientists at Rice University have discovered that some members of a like to save up food for when … Continue reading

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Pandemic Disorder Threatens Public Health*

A widespread disorder affecting a staggering number of citizens in developed countries, including the U.S., has recently been brought into the spotlight.

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My Beverage Tastes Better Because I’m a Chemist

I bought some ginger tea a little while back, but it turned out a little disappointing. Despite steeping the tea for longer than the prescribed 5–10 minutes, I could barely detect any of the characteristic spicy flavor that I was … Continue reading

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Performance Anxiety? Try Writing About It.

Choking under pressure can happen to the best of us. Students with test anxiety often perform below their abilities, and baseball pitchers can let ruin a perfect game.

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If Earth’s Spin Speeds Up We’ll All Get Fat and Uninhibited

Almost all plants and animals have an internal “clock” – called a circadian clock – that synchronizes our biological rhythms with Earth’s cycle of day and night. Conveniently, our biological clocks are best at synchronizing to a 24 hour day, … Continue reading

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If James Cameron Did Chemistry

Chemistry has a lot of smart researchers, but no names or faces that the Average Joe would recognize.  The field needs a hero but, as Chembark points out, what chemist has the time to be a spokesperson?  Research in the … Continue reading

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Finding an Alzheimer’s Drug From Scratch

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes get a bad rap, but most people don’t realize just how labor/money-intensive the process of drug discovery is.  A recent paper offers a little glimpse at the process

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The Chemistry of Sweet

As a new year begins, so do new diet plans. Many diets encourage replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners as a way to cut calories. So what’s really in those pink, blue, and yellow sugar-substitute packets?

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