Class Action Lawsuit Against Brazilian Blowout

I’m still on Christmas break, with minimal internet availability, but here’s a tidbit of news about Brazilian Blowout.  Courthouse News Service reports today that a class action lawsuit was filed against Brazilian Blowout (technically GIB, LLC; Brand Building Communications, Inc.; and Brazilian Blowout, LLC) on Dec. 15th.   The plaintiffs are asking for more than $5 million for damages.  A pdf of the legal document can be accessed through Courthouse News Service here.

The lawsuit basically claims that Brazilian Blowout marketed their product as formaldehyde-free when they knew (or should have known) that it wasn’t.  This damaged the reputations of salons that later had to break the news to their clients that the product contains formaldehyde, etc. etc. Sadly, I don’t see any mention of methylene glycol in this one, though I imagine that issue will be BB’s main line of defense if it goes to trial.

There is, however, a fun typo on page 16, line 9 of the legal document:  ”…the monies paid to Defendants for a product which does not deliver the purported oral health care benefits as advertised.”  That’s probably a copy-paste error from some other lawsuit about mouthwash or something.

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2 Responses to Class Action Lawsuit Against Brazilian Blowout

  1. Ann O'Dyne says:

    Nicole*Kidman’s hair has taken a product-beating, since it now bears no similarity to how it looked in her first 3 or 4 films; so as long as she is still breathing … she is breathing isn’t she?

  2. laser says:

    I am so glad the truth is coming out! I hope OSHA sticks it to Brazilian Blowout!! I hope the USA bans it as well!! I am a stylist who had side effects from this treatment. I am furious that Brazilian Blowout takes us (hairstylist) as a bunch of idiots!! Seriously, do they not think people will do research and find out they are full of crap?!?! I check back on their website often to see what “new crap” or excuse they have posted on there. I am glad I never did this service on any of my clients! Thank goodness I felt the side effects, and had enough sense to look into this more! I am not that money hungry to endanger myself, or my clients for this treatment!!