Awkward Conversation

Q: What’s the opposite of a pick up line?

organic chemistry pick up line

A: “I’m getting my PhD in organic chemistry.”

At least, this seems to put a damper on a conversation when a girl says it to a guy.  Maybe in the reverse situation it works to impress; I wouldn’t know.  Pick up line or not, here is a list of the top 5 awkward responses to this revelation.

5. Wow, I really hated organic chemistry.  I failed it twice and it ruined my dreams of becoming a doctor.

4. Oh, yeah! Like bacteria and stuff!

3. You must be really smart.  You probably think I’m stupid.

2. That’s cool.  Hey, my buddy just showed up, I gotta go.

1. [Silence]

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6 Responses to Awkward Conversation

  1. PlatoMolloy says:

    Number 3 is a real pain in the ass.

  2. ben says:

    I can confirm the reverse situation is also a no go.

    6. That’s cool, I’m really into organic food and stuff.


  3. Eugenie says:

    I feel your pain- I’m working on a PhD on environmental toxicology- I get a lot of dumbfounded looks… if I get one more comment about the BP oil spill I might explode…grr

  4. Kristy Meyer says:

    My friends and I are working to test the following follow up and it’s effect on the menfolk…
    “….AND I have cleavage…see? It’s right here” And give a big flirtatious Wink.

  5. DNLee says:

    I did fail organic twice.HA! Well, actually it was biochem. But I feel you, especially on #3. I usually told people I was in grad school. At least there would be some convo sking what discipline and what degree.