Updates on the Brazilian Blowout Front

(To catch up, see this, this, this, and this earlier post.)

Update 1. Yesterday, it was announced that the company behind Brazilian Blowout (GIB) is suing Oregon OSHA for “unlawful, defamatory, damaging and misleading actions [that] have caused GIB irreparable harm”.  One major crux of GIB’s argument is that OSHA didn’t differentiate between formaldehyde and methylene glycol.  A copy of the legal complaint document can be accessed here.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in court, since the ruling may depend on the legal interpretation of things like chemical equilibrium.  I wonder how much organic chemistry the judge and jury have taken?

If GIB wins, they are asking that OR-OSHA remove all content from their websites related to GIB and Brazilian Blowout, and that OSHA release a statement “admitting” that their results and protocol were inaccurate and improper.

Update 2. For a bit more debate, see the last few comments on this earlier post.

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4 Responses to Updates on the Brazilian Blowout Front

  1. Oomingmuk says:

    Brazilian Blowout bullying bureaucrats … in Oregon? That is indeed surprising, for them to take such an approach, when their own California Attorney General is focusing on them.

    A Google search turned up these pages, among many internet pages relating to BB and California:




    I won’t expect this blog to veer from its purpose and focus on BB … but the drama can be followed by Googling the relevant words, including Brazilian Blowout in the search query.

    • You’re right, the Brazilian Blowout company is the defendant in other lawsuits. I suppose they may claim that these lawsuits wouldn’t have happened if OSHA hadn’t been so damaging. We’ll see how this works out; ultimately I don’t think either OSHA or BB had/has any bad intentions (maybe just some bad information).

  2. Mara says:

    BB has lied about the chemicals in their products. I have the symptoms to prove it. Runny nose, breathing difficulties, headache and itchy skin. These are some of they symptoms that I know about. What about future health problems? I do have an increased sensitivity to the product. BB deserves every class action suit that they get. Do they think that hairdressers are dumb?

  3. Mara says:

    Sharon, I don’t care what their intentions are. I value my health. I don’t want to work in a sick salon,