Fun Chemistry Words: A Rare Sighting

In organic chemistry, we don’t get a lot of fun names.  Biology has names like Sonic hedgehog; we have names that you can’t say without spitting, like naphthalene and phthalic acid.

Naphthalene and phthalic acid

It is extremely rare that one encounters a humorous molecule name when reading organic chemistry literature.  As such, I’d like to point out a class of molecules I encountered while reading about π-π stacking today.  These molecules are called pizzanes.

Pizza and pizzane

The naming was no accident, as this paper from 1997 confirms:

“Because of the resemblance of their molecular `super-disc’ structure to the Italian pizza, these discotic compounds were termed `Pizzanes’.”

Speaking of pies, stay tuned for a post about π-π interaction being used to make tiny columns, as published by Seki et al. today in a JACS ASAP article.

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  1. Dan Neufeldt says:

    I has had pizza.